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What is the "Trial version" of the application?

The "Trial version" of Spatial Manager Desktop™ is a limited version that can runs for a limited time period. When this period ends, or if you want to use the unlimited application, you must to purchase a commercial license of Spatial Manager Desktop™ this paragraph)

How can I purchase commercial licenses of the application?

You can purchase commercial licenses of Spatial Manager Desktop™ through the "Buy" page in the Spatial Manager™ web (Spatial Manager™ Buy page). As you can see in the page, you will get lower prices when purchasing different items number of the same product in the same purchase operation

File:Buy Spatial Manager Desktop Products.PNG

Note: the prices shown in this image MAY CHANGE and are displayed only as an example

How can I activate commercial licenses of the application?

When you purchase one or mode licenses of Spatial Manager Desktop™ you will receive by email your serial number(s) to activate you commercial license(s) of the application. The activation process is carried out through the


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