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==October 2, 2017 - Release 4.0.0==
==October 2, 2017 - Release 4.0.0==
[ (Related Blog Post)]
**Dynamic 'Background maps' functionality [F2479] [ (Related video)]
**Dynamic 'Background maps' functionality [F2479] [ (Related video)]

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October 2, 2017 - Release 4.0.0

(Related Blog Post)

  • Improvements
    • Dynamic 'Background maps' functionality [F2479] (Related video)
      • Added many preset map services and servers
        • OpenStreetMap, MapBox, ArcGisOnline, USGS, Ordnance Survey, NearMap
      • New option to "Zoom to the map" when a 'Background map' is selected
      • Transparent maps supported
      • Configuration of special parameters for maps of servers that require them (Key, API Key, Token, etc.)
      • User maps configuration
        • Grouping maps
        • Map Preview
        • Supported "dimension" maps (date, time, etc.)
        • Supported "axis-inverted" maps
        • Authentication parameters (user, password, etc.)
        • Unique Identifier for each map, allowing you to define different maps sharing the same name into different groups
        • "Save" or "Save as a copy" to quickly configure multiple maps without leaving the parameter window
        • XYZ/TMS services
        • WMS and WMTS services
          • Selecting multiple layers of a server
            • View of the full server layers tree
            • Default map name taken from the selected layer(s)
          • Supported maps defined using any coordinate system (CRS)
            • The "Automatic" option automatically configures the most suitable 'Background map' CRS
          • Supported map images defined using any graphic format (PNG, JPG, BMP, etc.)
            • The "Automatic" option automatically sets the most suitable image format
          • Supported any resolution image tiles (256x256, 512x512, etc.)
          • Two methods to download the images from a server: "Single image (recommended)" or "Image tiles grid" (WMS only)
    • ASCII data provider (CSV, TXT, ASC, etc.) enhanced functionality [F2461] (Related video)
      • New "Custom" format that allows you to define the columns for the X/Y/Z coordinates and consider the other columns as data
        • Column headers
        • "Smart" assignation of coordinate columns according to the names of headers (X,LON,LONGITUDE - Y/LAT/LATITUDE - Z/H , case insensitive) [F2692]
      • Now if invalid or illegible lines are found in the file, the upload or import process continues
    • New language added to the application: French/Français [F2678]
    • Default values for length (and number of decimal places, if applicable) are set when creating new fields in a data Table [F2674 / F2672]
    • Now, if read from a data Table, a field which has zero length is assigned to the length a default value dependent of the field type [F2671]
    • Z coordinate value is now displayed in the Properties panel [F2676]
    • The WFS data provider now includes the option to invert the X/Y axes, according to the format of some WFS data stores [F2677]
    • Incorporated in the GML data provider part of the syntax implemented in GML version 3.2 files [F2433/1]
    • New "Overwrite table content" option in the SQL data provider [F2705]
    • The layer lists are now sorted alphabetically in all the functions in which they appear [D2689]
    • The EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to version 9.0 [T4633]
    • Configuration files (*.config) are now only modified if some change occurs in the corresponding configuration [F2703]
      • Backups of these files are now kept for 30 days, with a minimum of 15 backups before deleting any file
    • New internal licenses deactivation system that prevents a license remaining active on the license server when it has already deactivated on the computer [F2711]
  • Fixes
    • Solved several problems encountered when importing certain polygons from OpenStreetMap [D2015]
    • Solved several issues relating o the generation of the "OSM_TYPE" field value when importing from OpenStreetMap [D1997]
    • Solved an issue when importing malformed (null) polygons from KML/KMZ files [D2016]
    • Fixed an error that caused the real numeric fields to not include the decimals when exporting to a PostGIS database [D2012]
    • Fixed an error that occurred when writing fields that include special characters in PostGIS [D2023]
    • GPX files no longer cause problems when including duplicate names of extended properties [D2006]
    • The numeric fields in SHP files now have the specified length not considering the decimal separator [D2003]
    • The numeric fields in SHP files are validated so that the most significant part of the data be stored, according to the length and number of decimal places in the field [D2001]
    • Now no errors occur when reading an ASCII file that contains lines ending with the fields separator character [D2008]
    • An issue related to the predefined 'Background maps' authentication (Key, Password, "Token", etc.) has been fixed [D2017]
      • Now you can delete any authentication data
      • The storage times for this type of data have been greatly reduced
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements
  • Notes
    • The functionality to export the current status of the map to Google Earth (Publishing) is available on the 'Standard' and 'Professional' editions only

March 24, 2017 - Release 3.3.2

  • Improvements
    • Now the CRS code is displayed in addition to the name in the CRSs selection dropdown [F2612]
    • Field Selection lists are now sorted alphabetically at any time [F2516]
    • The info about the purchase and/or extension of support and updates when a new version is published now appears more clear and concise [F2613]
    • The buttons in graphics windows of the application have been enhanced to not be affected by the Windows text size scale [F2618]
    • New fields for the type and subtypes of the elements can be optionally added when importing from OpenStreetMap [F2431]
    • Now the maximum timeout set on a SQL Server data source is used not only for connection opening but also for any SQL operation [F2627]
  • Fixes
    • The CRS of a feature is now correctly recognized when executing any type of task, even though the CRS has changed in elements of the Data Sources area [D1976]
    • Now exporting to KML/KMZ (Google Earth) files is correctly performed even if there are fields including a null character [D1986]
    • Fixed an issue that occurred when importing from OpenStreetMap choosing options that did not select any element [D1982]
    • In some cases the last Point was not exported to a Shapefile. Fixed an issue related to the length of the Point type records [D1987]
    • Fixed an error "Out of index" when reading Shapefiles [D1989]
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements
  • Notes
    • The functionality to export the current status of the map to Google Earth (Publishing) is available on the "Standard" and "Professional" editions only
    • The exploitation of data providers that require "User Data Sources (UDS)", as PostGIS or SQL Server, is available on the "Standard" and "Professional" editions only

December 1, 2016 - Release 3.3.1

  • Improvements
    • Selection by Query improvements [F2614]
      • Now the function keeps the list of query conditions used the last time it was executed
      • If there are no results during a query, the function window is shown again and keeps the list of query conditions
      • Added a button to remove all query conditions from the list (clean)
    • A modification is made to maintain the Z-coordinate when applying a projection to any point [F2449]
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the data from being successfully updated when overwriting an SDF file [D1975]
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements

November 9, 2016 - Release 3.3.0

  • New
    • New function "Export to Google Earth" to export the current map status (Publish) to Google Earth (one click) [F901] (Related video)
      • Only the visible layers
        • Splitting by layer in folders and by features type in sub-folders
        • Whole map or only the selected features
      • Equivalent layer styles
      • Automatic transformation of coordinates
      • Automatic fields for the Name and Description of the features
      • Optionally, you can open the resulting KML or KMZ file in Google Earth (if installed)
  • Improvements
    • Now, you can apply the "Select by query" function to the current selection only [F2425]
    • You can also apply the "Select by query" function to all the layers of the map [F2425]
    • Upon completion of any export process to a file you can now directly open the file location [F2588]
    • When exporting to a KML or KMZ file you can now directly open the file in Google Earth (if installed) [F2588]
    • The PostGIS data provider also presents the Views as Tables [F1075]
    • Several new coordinate systems are included, defined in feet and which until now could only be found in meters [F2577]
    • Now, you can access and download any version from the application itself [T4564]
    • The free support of the license has been extended to 1 year from the first activation [T4546]
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an incorrect coding issue in the SHP data provider [D1945]
    • Fixed an error when reading null geometries in the SQL Server data provider [D1948]
    • The SHP data provider now reads fields including negative decimal values [D1951]
    • The DXF data provider no longer causes failures when the output file name is based on an existing file [D1949]
    • Improved the warning that is launched when accessing unsupported versions of DGN files [D1958]
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements
  • Notes
    • The functionality to export the current status of the map to Google Earth is available on the "Standard" and "Professional" editions only
    • The exploitation of data providers that require "User Data Sources (UDS)", as PostGIS or SQL Server, is available on the "Standard" and "Professional" editions only

May 2, 2016 - Release 3.2.0

  • The GML data provider has been improved
    • The features were not read correctly in certain cases
    • Certain export processes failed depending on the target data provider
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements

March 23, 2016 - Release 3.1.0

  • The handling of the Coordinate System catalog has been improved: now when there are multiple search terms, they are searched for in any field (not all in the same field)
  • The application performance when exporting to KML or KMZ files has been significantly improved
  • Now, when you access the Support products page from the application, you will only be redirected to those products for the edition that is running (Basic, Standard or Professional)
  • Fixed a v.3.0 issue affecting the export performance of SDF files
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements

February 26, 2016 - Release 3.0.0

  • New GML Data Provider. UK Ordnance Survey data compatibility (Related video)
  • The OpenStreetMap Data Provider has been optimized to let you choose the fields to read (Related video)
  • A new parameter has been incorporated in the SQL Server Data Provider to select the syntax for new date type fields
  • You can now set spatial boundaries when reading features from WFS stores
  • Direct data edition in the Properties panel
  • The EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to version 8.9
  • The valid image formats for user symbols have been extended (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP)
  • The new option "Create shortcut from path" allows you now to create Shortcuts to network addresses
  • New language added to the application: German
  • The trial version is now less restrictive: 75% of the objects are processed anyway
  • Transformation of Coordinates: new conversions
  • Improved presentation of the application Wizards
  • Fixed a problem which caused certain links "http" to not run correctly from Properties
  • Some problems were corrected in certain Transformation of Coordinates
  • Now the reading of data continues even if any configuration or user file (*.config) is corrupted, by an automatic access to the last valid backup of the file
  • Fixed a bug when performing a Transformation of Coordinates not implemented
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements

May 8, 2015 - Release 2.2.0

  • New
    • Optionally you can convert the coordinates of ASCII Points in data of the features (Related video)
  • Improvements
    • Now you can select multiple tasks using CTRL and/or SHIFT in the Task Manager and then execute all of them
    • In the coordinate transformation process the user is warned if any additional file is needed and how to get it
    • Now when the application warns the user that the coordinates are not transformed between identical source and target CRS, there is no additional confirmation
    • The ability to rename UDSs, Schemas and Tables inside the import wizard itself has been removed, because it was confusing and not very practical
    • Now, you can change the license even when there are documents open
    • The configuration windows for the licenses have been sorted and optimized
    • Now, all the texts are shown when many warnings occur during the execution of a process
    • Has been added support for nested relative links in KML/KMZ files
    • The wizards welcome windows are now disabled by default
    • There are now new simplified buy pages for the application and the extended support in the web
  • Fixes
    • Now you can load seamlessly SQLite tables from "My Computer"
    • Fixed a bug that left the task wizard locked when the data sources were slow to load
    • Fixed a bug that causes some SRIDs no were recognized correctly
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when entering an invalid license code
    • Fixed a bug that allows the introduction of wrong serial numbers (valid for other Spatial Manager apps)
    • When exporting multi-geometries are now stored properly in the Shapefiles (SHP)
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements

January 23, 2015 - Release 1.0.5

  • The OpenStreetMap data provider can now also import PBF files
  • It can now load SHP files which include date fields
  • The SRID of a PRJ (a Shapefile companion file) is now also obtained by reading its parameters
  • You can now also search the catalog of CRSs using the "aliases" of the CRSs
    • Alias: Unofficial Coordinate System name but that is commonly used
  • The application now considers the displacement of the Origin of coordinates in all cases where needed
  • No more problems when reading an invalid date in the header of any SHP or DBF files
  • Now unnamed fields are supported in an ODBC connection
  • Spaces are also supported in the names of MIF / MID and TAB files when writing
  • When exporting to DXF the Polygons are now saved as Polylines, as well as Hatches
  • SDF files can be exported even when a Field name is "NAME"
  • SQLite files can also be exported even if the Table includes Key Fields
  • Improvements in the KML/KMZ data Provider:
    • Data can now be loaded data from HTML in the description
    • Support for OGC KML extensions added
    • A warning is displayed when trying to load a file without Features
    • Support for "Model" Features added
    • Now if there are null Features, the following Features will continue to be processed
    • Multiple nested geometries can now be loaded
    • Now existing folders are never ignored
    • The folders referenced within the links no longer cause problems
    • All badly constructed geometries are repaired
    • Loading a file now never goes to an infinite loop
    • Other small bugs solved:
      • The coordinates separated by tab are now supported
      • Links to KMZ without extension are now controlled
      • Now the column headers HTML "th" are also supported
      • The formats of coordinates X and Y are now validated before reading
      • The KMZ files are supported even if they have a KML extension and vice versa
      • It is also supported that the coordinates separator be ';' instead of ','
      • Analysis of whether any Polygon or Polyline are empty
      • It also examines whether any linked file has no extension
      • The links with empty name and relative URLs are checked
      • The links to websites instead of KML files are also reviewed
      • The KMZ files whose KML has a "byte order" character at the beginning, are supported
      • The links to nonexistent pages are also supported
      • The application now checks that none of the links have a link to itself and causes an infinite loop
      • Rejected requests to load links from the code are now checked
      • Invalid values of Z coordinates are not allowed
      • Also the links to KMZ files without extension are not allowed
  • The EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to version 8.6
  • Solved some issues concerning to the limited size of DBF files (Shapefile companion)
  • Now you can to cancel any Spatial Query using the ESC key
  • You can open more than one Map from the Windows Explorer by double-clicking on the SPM files
  • A new possibility of using non-perpetual licenses has been included
  • The 32-bit and 64-bit setup applications are now consolidated into a single setup program which automatically selects the appropriate platform
    • The setup program also includes the ability to install the 32-bit application in Windows 64-bit using the single installer (Related video)
  • Fixed some incorrect texts in the Welcome window of the User Data Sources (UDS) Wizard
  • The Trial version lets you now save more than 100 Features in a Map
  • A proper warning is displayed now when you cannot save data from the application in locations without the necessary permissions
  • Corrections of other minor bugs and other minor improvements

October 3, 2014 - Release 1.0.4

  • Twelve new background maps based on the information of OpenStreetMap were added
  • All background maps are now loaded without problems under any circumstances
  • A new possibility of using non-perpetual licenses has been included
  • Fixed bugs, errors and problems:
    • Trial version (when some Features are removed)
    • Application License (when executing Tasks in the command window)
    • Accessing new releases
    • Loading KML files with invalid name space
    • Loading SHP files which include date Fields
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

September 3, 2014 - Release 1.0.3

  • There are many new conversion systems for coordinate transformations. Among them, various grid-based interpolations (NADCON and NTv2)
  • Now more conversion information is displayed, allowing the user to select its parameters more accurately
  • Now the image of the background map is also printed when there are selected items
  • Fixed some general bugs regarding printing the image of the background map
  • The application can be executed now by logging in with a user other that the one installed
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

June 27, 2014 - Release 1.0.2

  • Defining invalid destination files in the Task wizard it is no longer allowed
  • The options to rename files and folders in the Data Sources panel works properly now
  • ESC cancels the loading of a Map or multiple files when they are dragged from Windows Explorer
  • When multiple Features are selected, the different Properties appear as "Various"
  • When opening a Map including a background image the saved view is properly restored
  • When exporting to DXF the application does not display a warning about the file being overwritten if it does not exists
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow the generation of DXF files from any provider
  • The performance in Tasks executed from the Command window, using DXF files as target, has been improved
  • Fixed several issues on exporting to DXF
  • The Data grid restores its position correctly when closing and reopening the application
  • Shortcuts cannot be defined using a blank name referring to a physical drive
  • The Properties of a UDS appear using the right application language
  • The route of a saved Map is displayed in the Properties panel
  • Saving Maps using the tool in the context menu of its Tab works properly now
  • ESC closes the window to save Features
  • Undefined Coordinate Systems are displayed as "Unknown"
  • A bug has been fixed concerning the automatic assignment of the Map CRS when loading layers defined using different CRSs
  • Tables that include date Fields are loaded correctly using the application in any language
  • A bug has been fixed that happened when exporting to DGN files including Features in negative coordinates
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

June 6, 2014 - Release 1.0.1

  • The conversion for source tables OGR (DXF, DGN, etc.), when coordinate system transformations are applied, has been improved
  • Fixed an error when loading MIF files
  • The licensing system has been improved to keep the license active when the computer name is changed
  • The search of SQL Servers has been improved
  • Using tables including "Geography" data type has been improved
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

June 1, 2014 - Release 1.0.0

  • First commercial version. Includes a limited Trial version which allows you to select the application Edition to try
  • Size limitations when generating DBF files have been removed
  • Now, when a Layer is Separated, the new layers are shown even if a Base Map is active
  • Zoom extension now includes turned-off Layers
  • The value "SRID=0" can now be selected as the Map CRS
  • The SQLite provider, and saving SPM Maps, now works correctly under Windows XP and Windows 7
  • The EPSG tables (CRSs and other objects) have been updated to version 8.4
  • Improvements to read a PRJ file that cannot be recognized
  • New system of licensing and activation/deactivation of licenses
  • Changes in the application updates system depending on the support period
  • It is now possible to disable the repeated warning of a specific update
  • New function included in the application options to check for updates at any time
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

March 27, 2014 - Release 0.9.9 (beta)

  • The KML/KMZ provider now supports the height (absolute or relative) and vertical edge parameters for the features
  • A button to close the application has been included in all error windows
  • Projection on the fly of layers according to their coordinate system and the map coordinate system (Related video)
  • Base maps (road, satellite, etc.) have been included as an option for the map background (Related video)
  • C++ Redistributable has been included when installing the application
  • Types and sizes of the ribbon buttons have been improved
  • The period of beta testing is extended to May 31, 2014
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

January 28, 2014 - Release 0.9.8 (beta)

  • It is again allowed to install the 32-bit version on a 64-bit operating system
  • The period of beta testing is extended to March 31, 2014
  • It is now possible to re-load a Layer updating its data from the corresponding Source
  • The performance of some spatial queries has been improved
  • The providers perform queries on geometry types when connecting (ODBC, SQLite, SQL Server, PostGIS, FDO)
  • Improved speed for read and write in the PostGIS provider
  • The PostGIS provider now allows selection of the database to use in a dropdown
  • The application now checks if PotsGIS is installed over PostgreSQL
  • The PostGIS provider now supports more data types
  • The name of a Map is now displayed when asking the user to save the Map
  • Common values in a Field of a Selection are now shown in the Properties window
  • The performance of the Properties window has been improved when selecting a UDS by right-click
  • The "Enabled/Disabled" status of some buttons has been improved based on the state of the Layers
  • Checking updates has been improved
  • Header texts on wizards have been modified to better reflect their actual environment
  • Help button has been added (access to the Spatial Manager Desktop™ Wiki)
  • Options and inquiries to the user when overwriting Files or Tables have been improved
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

December 16, 2013 - Release 0.9.7 (beta)

  • The period of beta testing is extended to January 31, 2014
  • It prevents the user from installing the 32-bit version on a 64-bit operating system
  • The windows in the end of Tasks definition are improved
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

November 26, 2013 - Release 0.9.6 (beta )

  • Development of the SQLite provider
  • Development of the OGR provider
  • Some improvements made in the PostGIS provider
  • New own icon is set for the OSM provider
  • Suppressed 'Type' and 'Source' information in error windows
  • Now the user can set the timeout when connecting using the SQL Server Spatial provider
  • The format of the application Maps has been changed now using a SQLite database file
  • Improved providers table (order, names and extensions)
  • Further information of the selected Layer in the Properties window about its conditions in the Map
  • Improved functions that affect saving Layers
  • Now the content of the internal Layers is saved in the Map file
  • Added a new property to the providers to see if it is necessary to check its parameters
  • Now the number of rows of a PostGIS Table is shown inside its properties
  • Now the user is notified when the application is performing some preprocessing while loading Features
  • Improvement in the performance of the tree in the OSM provider parameter window
  • Read-only Fields optionally included for OSM information types
  • The names of Tables/Layers are set by default for OSM
  • Now the user can set the WFS store version
  • All the providers now return a default layer name
  • Now the rows starts numbering from '1' instead of '0' in the Data Grid
  • Improvements are introduced to speed up the application load
  • The FDO provider is normalized in terms of default names or types of icons
  • Now the user can send an e-mail to notify an error
  • The OGR provider is normalized in terms of the default names or types of icons
  • All buttons for confirmation/cancellation and affirmation/negation are modified to enhance the messages to the user
  • Format 'Arc/Info .E00 (ASCII) Coverage' has been added to the OGR provider
  • The name of the Field Geometry has been changed for SDF files
  • The name of the target Table has been set for all the file-type providers
  • Update data for all database-type providers has been improved
  • One area of transformation has been set by default to the Coordinate Transformation
  • Now it is possible to disconnect the data source for any or all Layers
  • Now a small set of spatial files for sample purposes is included when you install the application
  • Simplification of the application boot screens
  • The FDO provider is no longer considered in beta phase and is added to the other providers
  • The necessary functions to work with "Arrays" of points has been adapted
  • In the English version of the application the term "Split layer" is amended to "Separate layer"
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

September 13, 2013 - Release 0.9.5 (beta)

  • In the Layers tree the typography differs for internal and external layers and (*) is added before the name for changed and unsaved Layers
  • Now, when loading a KML/KMZ file, it can add a Field including information about the folder from each feature which is loaded
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

September 9, 2013 - Release 0.9.4 (beta)

  • New function to Separate a layer into others based on the Field value (Related video)
  • New Provider for OpenStreetMap OSM files
  • The names of the Providers have been updated
  • Installation program has been modified and now it offers more additional possibilities
  • Now .NET 4.0 is installed in the case that it has not been installed
  • Updated the URL for downloading updates
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

July 30, 2013 - Release 0.9.3 (beta)

  • Now when removing a layer if the following layer is off, it automatically turns on
  • Backup files of the application settings are now generated
  • Improved warning messages when editing or deleting Shortcuts or User Data Sources affecting saved Tasks
  • Extension of the information provided when cannot connect to a PostGIS server
  • "About" window now includes access to the version upgrade news
  • Updated framework of the application to .NET 4.0
  • The name of the application is now "Spatial Manager Desktop"
  • Changed the version of the application to v.2014
  • Paths changed for default installation folder and application settings
  • Updated application icons and images of some information or load screens
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements

June 7, 2013 - Release 0.9.2 (beta)

  • New option to open the folder containing a file in the data source tree in Windows explorer
  • Sort position in data source tree by dragging
  • Data sources not available are grayed out in the data source tree
  • Loading SHP files even though cannot find associated DBF file
  • Copy selected features to clipboard
  • Improved source SRID choice when exporting selected features
  • Several improvements for consistency with the Map, performance and selection in the Data grid
  • Improved selection of visible/hidden columns in the Data grid
  • Layers including polygonal features apply default transparency when loaded
  • Display of Layer number and total Layers number when opening a map
  • Warning to the user when loading Layers without defined SRID is suppressed
  • Improved user information when running Tasks in the operating system Command window
  • Warning to the user when executing a Task that writes less features than read from the source
  • Properties of a source or target of Tasks when grouping by source or target
  • Better use of the available width in the Properties panel
  • Properties of a Layer includes information on its data source
  • Display of localized path names for system folders ("My Documents", etc.)
  • New options to create shortcuts for the root folder of drives and open this folder in Windows Explorer
  • Opening of Maps by dragging to the application from Windows Explorer
  • Loading of Layers and/or Maps from files (SPM, SHP, KML, etc.) by dragging to the application from Windows Explorer
  • Application *.SPM extension is associated over the installation and the Maps can be opened directly from Windows Explorer
  • Different default paths are stored when open or save information (maps, data export, etc.)
  • More information provided to the user when loading Layers including null Features
  • Resolved inconsistencies when saving new, modified or unmodified layers
  • PostGIS server provider is now included
  • Checking of the SQL Server version (2008 or 2012)
  • Corrections of some bugs and other minor improvements
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