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Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD is a powerful BricsCAD plug-in designed for BricsCAD users who need to import and manage spatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way. The application offers many possibilities not seen so far in BricsCAD. It comes in a lightweight application that runs inside BricsCAD and allows the user to import geospatial data from spatial files, or spatial data servers ("Standard" edition only), into v drawings

Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD preview screen

BricsCAD commands

This is the list of BricsCAD commands included in Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD

  • SPM (or SPATIALMANAGER): Panel. Opens and/or displays the application panel
  • SPMCLOSE (or SPATIALMANAGERCLOSE): Close panel. Closes the application panel
  • SPMHELP (or SPATIALMANAGERHELP): Help. Shows the application help (Wiki format)
  • SPMABOUT (or SPATIALMANAGERABOUT): About. Shows basic information about the application and the installed release
  • SPMUPDATE (or SPATIALMANAGERUPDATE): Update. Checks if there is a new application release to be downloaded from Internet
  • SPMOPTIONS (or SPATIALMANAGEROPTIONS): Options. Set of parameters to configure the application (includes also the functionality of SPMUPDATE and SPMABOUT)

Main features

  • General
    • Import spatial data in BricsCAD drawings
    • Transformation of coordinates when importing
    • XDATA / Extended Entity Data (EED) viewer panel ("Standard" edition only)

  • Import processes
    • Objects imported into a new or open drawing
    • Basic target layer or new target layers using a field value
    • Use blocks for points and centroids
    • Block insertion parameters from field values
    • Polygon fills and transparencies
    • Polygon centroids
    • Elevation and thickness from field values
    • Import data from tables as XDATA / Extended Entity Data (EED) ("Standard" edition only)

  • Data sources
    • Manage your own shortcuts
    • Access to spatial data files (SHP, GPX, KML, OSM, PBF, MIF/MID, TAB, E00, SQLite, SDF, ASCII points, etc.) (see current available Providers)
    • Manage your User Data Sources ("Standard" edition only)
    • Access to spatial database servers (SQL Server, PostGIS, etc.) ("Standard" edition only) (see current available Providers)
    • Access to other connections (WFS, ODBC points or WKB - Excel, Access, dBase,...-, etc.) ("Standard" edition only) (see current available Providers)

To get a first preview of the application, please watch this video:


Here you will find all the technical information available on the implementation as well as tutorials, additional data, etc.


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