Spatial Manager™ for BricsCAD - FAQs: Application Programming Interface (API) ("Professional" edition only)

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The Application Programming Interface (API) is currently under development. Next you can find the available functionality:


  • Transform the coordinates of a point: (spm_cstransformpoint '(x y z) SourceCRS# TargetCRS# [Tranformation#])
    • '(xyz) : Point source coordinates
    • SourceCRS# : Source CRS code
    • TargetCRS# : Target CRS code
    • Transformation# : Transformation code (Optional)
    • Sample : (spm_cstransformpoint '(-2.5548 43.2148 0) 4326 23030 1133)

Note: To learn more about the CRS and Transformation codes please go to the Coordinate Systems objects list page

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