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To get an overview of the application, please watch this video (turn on the sound of your system):
To get an overview of the application, please watch this video:

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Spatial Manager Desktop™ is a desktop application designed to manage spatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way. Developed by a group of professionals working in the areas of GIS, Planning, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering, it provides the user with powerful tools to address the most common tasks of management and operation in the world of spatial information

Spatial Manager Desktop™ 2014

Main features

  • Fast display of graphic and alphanumeric spatial information coming from the most frequently used formats and data source types
  • Easily open spatial data from ( see current available Providers ):
    • Spatial data files (SHP, GPX, KML, OSM, MIF/MID, TAB, E00, SQLite, SDF, ASCII points, ...)
    • Spatial database servers or data stores (SQL Server Spatial, PostGIS, WFS, ...)
    • Spatial ODBC points or WKB connections (Excel, Access, dBase...)
  • Drag and drop spatial data to the maps
  • Easy development of maps and easy to use styling methods
  • Advanced systems for information access, such as shortcuts and user data sources that can store connection parameters or source configuration
  • Systems for selecting and filtering spatial information
  • Alphanumeric and spatial queries
  • Editing of alphanumeric data and partially edit spatial features
  • Find and replace data
  • Management of the layers in the map and their storage
  • Make new layers from selection or queries
  • Split layers in new layers for thematic or data discrimination analysis
  • Smart systems for map opening when modifying data sources
  • Tools for importing and exporting between different formats or storage systems of spatial data
  • Geometries transformation based on different coordinate systems in the import and export processes
  • Easy methods to export information to be used in office applications or CAD
  • Fast and intuitive printing of maps or selected features
  • Definition and management of tasks for import or export processes
  • Running tasks direct from the application or from the operating system Command window and chained tasks (batch processing)
  • Incorporates a new and revolutionary import/export internal engine and it uses its own data Providers

To get an overview of the application, please watch this video:


Here you will find all the technical information available on the implementation as well as tutorials, additional data, etc.


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