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Spatial Manager Desktop™ is a Windows desktop application designed to manage spatial data in a simple, fast and inexpensive way. Developed by a group of professionals working in the areas of GIS, Planning, Infrastructure and Civil Engineering, it provides the user with powerful tools to address the most common tasks of management and operation in the world of spatial information


  • Some functions or options may not be available in older versions. Please review the instructions and notes in each FAQs section because they describe the functional limitations for these versions
  • Some components in the images on this page (providers, names, windows look, etc.) may be slightly different from those that will appear on your computer
  • Some application functions need to access the Internet from the application itself. If you experiment problems in any process, ask your network administrator if there is a Proxy server installed on your network. You can configure the Proxy settings through the application options
  • Some geographic data providers (Geocode, image Maps, etc.) may need a user account, which you can configure in the Service Provider API Keys settings through the application options
  • IMPORTANT: If you are using the trial version there are a number of limitations that you can review here

Spatial Manager Desktop™

Main features

  • General
    • Quickly stylize and manage maps
    • Drag and drop spatial data to the maps
    • Dynamic Background image Maps from Bing, OpenStreeMap, Mapbox, Ordnance Survey, NearMap, etc.
    • Configurable user Maps. XYZ / TMS, WMTS and WMS compatible. WMS multi-layer maps
    • Export/Import user Background Maps
    • Smart systems for map opening
    • Select and filter spatial features
    • Alphanumeric queries
    • Transformation of coordinates
    • Export information to use in office or CAD apps.
    • Printing of maps or selected features
    • Properties panel viewer
    • Query your spatial data ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Export the current status of the map to Google Earth (one click) ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Search the location of geographic objects ("Professional" edition only)
    • Geo-coding postal addresses (Direct and Reverse) ("Professional" edition only)

  • Layer management
    • Make new layers from selections or queries
    • Project layers in maps
    • Separate layers into new layers
    • External and internal layers
    • Disconnect layers from external sources
    • Copy features to layers

  • Data sources
    • Manage your own shortcuts
    • Access to spatial data files (SHP, GPX, KML/KMZ, OSM, PBF, LAS/LAZ, GPKG, CSV, TXT, ASC, XYZ, MIF/MID, TAB, E00, SQLite, SDF, GML, XML, etc.)
    • Manage your User Data Sources ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Access to spatial database servers (SQL Server, PostGIS, etc.) ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Access to other connections (WFS, ODBC points or WKB - Excel, Access, dBase,...-, etc.) ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • See current available Data Providers

  • Edition
    • Find and replace data ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Edit alphanumeric data ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Multiple data edition ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Fields data calculator ("Professional" edition only)
    • Remove unwanted features ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Save modified layers or new layers ("Standard" and "Professional" editions only)
    • Process GIS analytical operations ("Professional" edition only)
      • Buffers
      • Overlays
      • Dissolve
      • Create Centroids
      • Areas of influence (Voronoi diagrams)

  • Task & Processes
    • Import and export processes
    • Automate processes using tasks ("Professional" edition only)
    • Run tasks in the OS Command window ("Professional" edition only)

To get an overview of the application, please watch this video:

Just a few sample scenarios:


Here you will find all the technical information available on the implementation as well as tutorials, additional data, etc.


Here you will find some useful links to other pages of Spatial Manager Desktop™

Spatial Manager Desktop™ product page Download Spatial Manager Desktop™